Candidate Background Check Details Form

Address Details


I hereby authorize Relyon Resources and of its representatives to verify all the information provided in my Candidate Background Check Details Form and to conduct such enquires as may be required by Relyon Resources to verify facts of such information provided by me in respect to following checks

  1. Address checks (as stated above)
  2. Criminal Record Checks
  3. Employment Record Check
  4. Education check
  5. Identity checks
  6. I hereby declare that this authorization shall be valid till such time I remain an employee Relyon Resources.

I hereby authorize all individuals, Private Establishments, Government establishments Agencies, Education Institutions who may have information relevant to this enquiry to co-operate to Relyon Resources and / or its representatives such information as may be required.

I hereby release Relyon Resources and all its personnel and representative from any liability which could result, either directly or indirectly, from the disclosure of information by a third party to another party in response to such enquiries’.


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