Inclusive and Dignified Employment Approach is conceptualized by Aims Media as a platform to bridge the gap between potential employers and productive employers. The main purpose of introducing this concept is to bridge the gap between potential employers and productive employees.

It is an initiative wherein we educate and train the PWDs to work in an inclusive environment, keeping in mind the needs of the respective corporate company. With this concept we aim to provide equal job opportunities to the persons with disabilities. We need to sensitize the employers about the need to offer unbiased, equal employment opportunities to the PWDs placing them on par with others.

In regard to IDEA, a curriculum named VIBHAVRI took place in 2016. Under this program the main concern was discussing about the challenges faced by PWDs in the market while applying for a job. We aimed at informing the market about the needs of the PWDs and knowing about their expectations in regard to work from the PWDs. After considering the needs of both the parties, we found some eligible candidates who were further trained according to the current market needs to appear for their respective interviews.

In 2018, we communicated the WHO to conduct another program named ProSEEDs (Promotion of Sustainable Education and Employment among Differently Abled). This program works upon the concept of exploring inclusive employment opportunities by bridging the gap between the potential employers and productive employees. The general objective of this conclave was to strengthen the capacity of the organizations by sensitizing them to the unexplored human resources among youth with disabilities who can be as much productive and worthwhile as today’s demands.

This conclave provided an opportunity to bring together industries and PWDs, to create sustainable and dignified employment opportunities for them and to promote a sense of inclusion among PWDs.