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Welcome to Relyon

Rely on resources is an organization which aims to provide numerous services to the corporate at their doorstep to ensure smooth functioning of the organization. Launched in 2012, Relyon today operates all over India. We started of with a modest beginning but with loads of energy and enthusiasm to serve. Relatively younger than our contemporary peers, we had the eagerness to serve, the willingness to learn and an aspiration to grow! And grow we did. From a nondescript address in Lodhi Road to a team of almost a thousand members, RelyOn has come a long way.

Our Services


Human Recourse Consultancy

Relyon is engaged in expanding and enhancing human resource solutions to transformyour business suiting the market demands and helps you thrive successfully in meeting the competition.

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Relyon provides ceaseless payroll services support suiting your business necessity and agenda. Consolidate your business flow by integrating our payroll services. Outsourcing our payroll

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Capacity Building

This section focuses on the enhancement of the existing employees of Relyon. Our concern here is to develop and strengthen the skills, instincts and abilities of the employees

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Media and Promotion

Relyon provides an additional support to it’s clients by helping them in publicizing their company and it’s features. Indulging in marketing helps in connecting with the audience.

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Training and Placement Solution

The training and placement cell of Relyon specializes in helping students to develop their skills and get the job opportunities they are aiming for. Our organization engages with the companies

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Talent Acquisition

Under this vertical, we provide job opportunities to the unemployed. Anyone who is interested in working with our organization is required to fill up the resume. After receiving the resume

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  • Cost Centric
  • Young and Vibrant Team
  • Quality Uncompromised
  • Process Oriented
  • Customized Solution
  • Adherence to time line and TAT

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