We believe in excellence & our pillars of excellence are built on in-depth research, acute analysis, building of superstructures of processes and time-bound execution & delivery.

Our strength lies in understanding of the work that we do for our clients. We go deep into understanding their needs and finding the most appropriate solutions to them through research.

We analyze problems, sift deeply through data and use data to achieve wisdom.

We are driven by processes that enable us achieve solutions in the most effective & efficient ways.

Our team believes that the proof of all work lies in how it is executed. We have the best of the class execution team to turn pans into reality.

Time is of great essence to us. We understand organizations have to deliver in time. A late delivery means a lost opportunity.

Every element of daily life has infrastructure, including residences, workplaces, transportation, energy, and digital, as well as areas related to health, education, sports, and leisure. An important enabler and benchmark for calculating a country’s development index is its infrastructure. Governments have implemented policies to support the timely development of infrastructure projects over the years because they have been optimistic about the infrastructure industry.

The government and private sector players are attempting to work cooperatively to create secure, safe, and best-in-class capital projects while upholding safety and sanitation standards as there is currently a push towards rapid industrialization and infrastructure development.

A good mix of experts in financial and transaction advisory, economic consulting, strategy and business planning, major project advisory, and digital and technology implementation make up TERMA’s infrastructure advisory team in India, which provides a value proposition from concept to delivery.


Advisory Services

Globally and in India, the economic, social, and governmental environments are constantly changing. India is changing thanks to the implementation of significant cross-cutting programs like “Make in India,” “Digital India,” “Skill India,” etc. These initiatives have an effect on a number of governmental interactions with companies, residents, and tourists.

TERMA in India is geared to help this change of India, especially the government’s ambition for social and financial inclusion. Today, we are actively engaged in significant reform initiatives that are supported by both the federal and state governments. We serve as advisors and implementers for some of the biggest national programs, such as “Smart Cities,” and “Safe city,” among others.

Our team has the honor and luxury of collaborating closely with think tanks from both the public and private sectors in order to facilitate change and produce meaningful results. Our service offerings, which include strategy and policy consulting, program management, process improvement, technology transformation, and PPP consulting, are all intended to produce outcomes.

EX-IM Procedure

The prevailing opinion was that, in the case of India, only an increase in domestic demand could realistically act as the primary driver of economic growth due to the country’s limited potential for export growth and the structural barriers (such as a lack of suitable infrastructure) that prevented it. The manufacturing sector’s ideology was to encourage industrialization through import substitution. As a result, the export sector received little attention and contributed little to India’s GDP.

With our extensive history, we currently act as a growth engine for the goods and services offered by Indian businesses. This comprises the import of technology, the development of export products, their manufacture, their marketing, their pre- and post-shipment, and their international investment. We are a catalyst and important actor in the development of cross-border commerce and investment in a financial environment that is rapidly changing.

Data Analytics

Since 2018, TERMA has offered business analytics services. Our data model provides precise analytical data that enables enterprises to empower their company, make better decisions, increase ROI, and fulfil goals. It is equipped with cutting-edge technologies for Big Data, Data analytics, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence. Our firm transforms structured and unstructured data into accurate, easily distinguishable measurements so you can evaluate what works best for your organization.


Our technologies guarantee adherence to the Package of Practice while providing real-time plot level insights regarding input usage, field officer productivity, acreage analytics, weather, and pest alarms. We assist agrochemical and input firms with demand forecasting based on the various stages of the crop cycle. By closely monitoring crop and soil health and upselling their products using our platform, agrochemical and input companies have benefited from adopting our solutions.

Ports and SEZ

The Company’s integrated services across three industries—ports, logistics, and special economic zones— have allowed it to form partnerships with top Indian companies.

TERMA has its proficiency in offering end–to–end logistics consulting solutions, operational excellence, low-cost operations, and synergies through acquisitions. The Company is supported by a young, talented workforce that helps it soar to new heights.

Supply Chain Management

The Supply chains could be challenging. We created our Supply Chain Management (SCM) services to aid with your logistical challenges because of this. You will have a solid supply chain foundation thanks to our local knowledge and worldwide infrastructure, which will enable you to expand your business and surpass client expectations. The wide range of value-added services offered by SCM services can assist you in achieving your company goals with dependability, efficiency, speed, agility, resilience, cost savings, and sustainability. You can spend more time focusing on your core business by letting our skilled supply chain specialists handle your logistics process.

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