About Us

Rely on Resources:
Rely on resources is an organization which aims to provide numerous services to the corporate at their doorstep to ensure smooth functioning of the organization. Launched in 2012, Relyon today operates all over India. We started of with a modest beginning but with loads of energy and enthusiasm to serve.

Relatively younger than our contemporary peers, we had the eagerness to serve, the willingness to learn and an aspiration to grow! And grow we did. From a nondescript address in Lodhi Road to a team of almost a thousand members, RelyOn has come a long way. Today, we have a pan India presence and span almost six states across a variety of clients.

This organization helps the corporate to book reliable and high quality services – Human resource consultancy, payrolling, capacity building, media and promotion, training and placement solution, talent acquisition and facility management services.

We understand that our clients need to focus on their core goals and hence, we ensure that our services are in complete compliance with the organizational goals. We also make sure that the manpower that serves them is in sync with the overall organizational philosophy. The principle of our services is the commitment to ensure swift and effective response to any issues that our customer has at any hour. Our organization believes in equality and Inclusion of every person who has the right skill and qualifications for a job. We also work with the PWDs making sure that they get the opportunity of working and earning just like any other person.